Super Phone Unlimited Phone Service
Super Phone Unlimited Phone Service
Super Phone Unlimited Phone Service

$34.99* a month for Unlimited Business or Residential Local & Long Distance Calls.

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 Super Phone Unlimited
Get peace of mind with FLAT rate billing. No Surprises on Your
   Long Distance Bill. All Taxes Included.

Super Phone Unlimited for your Business Replaces your local and Long distance     phone company. Attach to any analog PBX, telephone system or phone set.

 Super Phone Unlimited Ideal for businesses with tons of local and long  distance calls,    overseas' offices and Call Centers.

 Super Phone Unlimited One of a kind telephone service over your broadband Internet
   connection anywhere in the world. Your office staff, or  your customers can call as
much as
they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, for a low per month flat fee.

 Super Phone Unlimited Empowers you to open a "virtual office" in any of 500+ cities  
   Assign a local USA phone number to your overseas' office. Save 1000's of dollars in
   domestic and international long distance charges.

 Super Phone Unlimited works anywhere in the world......Europe, South America, Asia,
    Africa, Antarctica & Australia... You must have Broadband Internet.

  Super Phone Unlimited offers UNLIMITED Out Going Calls United States & Canada.

   Take Advantage of Super Phone Unlimited on your Cable, DSL or Dedicated internet Connection.

$34.99* a month for UNLIMITED Business or Residential LOCAL And LONG DISTANCE Calls**.

   *   With 2 years pre-payment ( Regular rates are $49/month )
    ** Only for use inside USA (For outside USA $69 a month).

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Unique Features
Unlimited Outgoing to anywhere in the
  United States & Canada.
  FREE Personalized Voicemail.
  FREE Web Based Feature Management.
  FREE Unlimited Incoming.
  FREE Call Transfer.
  FREE Call Return.
  FREE Caller ID Block.
  FREE Repeat Dialing.
  Low International Calling Rates.*     More.
  * Coming Soon
  FREE Web Based Feature Management.
  FREE Enhanced Call forwarding.*
  FREE Detailed Call Log.*
  FREE Selection of area codes.
  FREE Detailed Call Log with Customer's name &   Address.*
  FREE Downloadable Call Log
  FREE Voicemail With Multiple Delivery Options.
  FREE 24/7 Customer Service.
  FREE Personal Sales Rep.
  FREE Support via Email, Phone, Web Chat, MSN
  Or Yahoo Instant Messenger.
International Call Centers Special
If you are already or starting a 2- 20 lines call center ANYWHERE in the world for the US & Canada Market and need an inbound or outbound solution, give us a call, we are just what the doctor recommended

31 May 2005 Rollout of IP-PABX.
15 April 2005
$6541.32 donated to Tsunami Relief.
21 Oct 2004
New rates $34.99/Month.
30 Oct 2003
New rates $49/month.
1 Sep 2003
Rates reduced to 69$ a month
All Calls to Canada are now FREE.
Fortune 500 company Selects Super Phone Unlimited Service.
Superphone Unlimited Low Rates
InterNet Telephony Awards  2000 - Do you call to one location, Internationally a lot ? This is for you.
Make Unlimited Calls to any ONE number, anywhere in the world, for just $25 a month. - PhoneOpia Offers UNLIMITED calls to Europe & Asia.

Please note that Super Phone Unlimited has STOPPED Selling Service to anyone in the United States due to the limited availability and high cost of providing e911 Service to the users at this time, We will resume service in the future when we have implemented the 911 service.
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